Why Choose QC Business School?

The Queens College Business School expands beyond traditional offerings in accounting and economics to fintech, policy analysis, and risk management. Uniquely positioned in a borough on the road to b​ecoming a leading tech hub, our students benefit from internships and case studies focused on actual use cases. Such experiential learning opportunities. Read More

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Our Mission:

The mission of QC Business School is to provide students with the skills needed to navigate through the fast-evolving world of business. As technological changes spread across industries, our focus is on providing students with both the technical know-how and fundamental knowledge needed to achieve a competitive advantage in various careers that exploit new technologies. Our goal of attracting and educating a diverse student body for leadership roles in various industries deepens and broadens the cultural familiarity that leaders of tomorrow must maste​​r.

  • Queens College Economics Bachelor’s Degree ranks 6th nationally in 2021 in “best bachelor’s degree in Economics” category: rank is based on low tuition, high graduation rate, financial aid, strong career/placement services (source: study.com.)
  • Queens College ranks 8th nationally in 2020 in social mobility category: rank is based on educating more economically disadvantaged students at lower tuition and graduating them into good-paying jobs (source: collegenet.com.)
  • Graduates with degrees in Economics typically have higher-than-average earnings. One recent study finds that, controlling for student characteristics, majoring in Economics resulted in an increase in earnings of 46% (source: Bleemer and Mehta (2020)).
  • CUNY is ranked 89th out of the world’s 30,000 rated colleges and universities.[1]
  • Queens College is ranked in the top 25 colleges and universities’ in terms of its graduates achieving significant upward income mobility.[2]
  • In terms of value, Business Insider concluded that the college was number four in the nation in terms of return-on-investment.[3]

Professor Francesc Ortega (Economics): Strength in Numbers: Undocumented Workers Boost the GDP:

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